7 Ways to Promote Your Brand With Print Your Drink

There's no shortage of ideas and opportunities to promote your brand. Even so, it is increasingly difficult to stand out and to generate the kind of social media attention that is positive for your brand. With Print Your Drink, we've got an incredible new interactive way for people to engage with your brand online. Here's 7 ways you can promote your brand with Print Your Drink. Print your company logo at a coffee, hot chocolate or beer bar during a conference or…

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Austin Halloween Party Ideas

5 Austin Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is without question our favorite holiday! The spooky vibes, bats, witches and goblins combined with creative costume ideas make for a fun season! Here's 5 ideas to help you make your Austin Halloween party better with Print Your Drink! Print Halloween icons like spider webs, witches, bats and more on every drink you serve. Customize the icons to fit your party theme, brand identity, or favorite Halloween characters! Allow people to create custom prints on their drink with a costume photo…

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10 Drinks That You Can Print For Your Next Event

The parameter is pretty simple: The drink must have a good dense foam in order for the print to come across well. That being said, here's 10 of our favorite drinks to print on: Latte with a thick milk foam Passion Fruit Cocktail with aquafaba foam Hot Chocolate with rich fluff IPA poured straight from the tap Nitro cold brew with sweet cream foam A dark stout beer straight from the tap Whiskey Sour with egg white Double Espresso with a thick…

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