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7 Ways to Promote Your Brand With Print Your Drink

There’s no shortage of ideas and opportunities to promote your brand. Even so, it is increasingly difficult to stand out and to generate the kind of social media attention that is positive for your brand. With Print Your Drink, we’ve got an incredible new interactive way for people to engage with your brand online. Here’s 7 ways you can promote your brand with Print Your Drink.

  1. Print your company logo at a coffee, hot chocolate or beer bar during a conference or event sponsored drink service.
  2. Set up a photo booth where your guests can take pictures and print them on drinks with an interactive experience.
  3. Host a contest where every X number of drinks will have a unique print, awarding that person with a prize of your choosing.
  4. Offer a promotion where people who post their drinks with your brand are eligible for prizes or gifts.
  5. Celebrate a new business, product, service, or film by offering themed prints during drink service.
  6. Sponsor a local business by printing your logos on their coffee or beer service during peak periods.
  7. Combine your hashtag with themed icons for special events, sporting events, and other drink service opportunities.

We’ll work with you to design a promotion that fits your goals. We can support an existing event, promotion or sponsorship or we can host a new interactive experience that will put your brand front and center. Contact us today and learn more about how Print Your Drink can support you and your brand.

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