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10 Drinks That You Can Print For Your Next Event

The parameter is pretty simple: The drink must have a good dense foam in order for the print to come across well. That being said, here’s 10 of our favorite drinks to print on:

  1. Latte with a thick milk foam
  2. Passion Fruit Cocktail with aquafaba foam
  3. Hot Chocolate with rich fluff
  4. IPA poured straight from the tap
  5. Nitro cold brew with sweet cream foam
  6. A dark stout beer straight from the tap
  7. Whiskey Sour with egg white
  8. Double Espresso with a thick head of foam
  9. Green juice with aquafaba foam
  10. Ask the bartender for their best foam drink!

There are many options you can make in offering Print Your Drink services. In most cases, offering a selection of a few Lattes, tap beer and cocktail specials keeps people coming back to try a new print on delicious drinks every time.

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